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Bend the limit of brilliance

We are enamored by beauty. Imagine a world where creativity and art come together giving life to collections of design, purity and brightness.
Authentic jewels, made in Italy

Moon is our creation. Spheres of gold and silver, crafted with skill and technical expertise, whose special diamond-cut finish is inspired by the moon. A perfect form, capable of radiating reflections of iridescent light. A one-of-a-kind excellence that brings prestige to all our jewelry.

Innovation, art and technique of the finest Italian goldsmith tradition, design and style. The search for style opens up new design expressions, where Moon spheres are combined with natural pearls, enamels and precious stones. Jewelry that emits ever-changing light and reflections, refined by an artisan finishing process that further enhances its unique brilliance.

Officina is the workshop where our story began over 30 years ago. Modeling perfection has become our vocation.
Over the years, we have been able to shine these stars throughout Europe and the USA, where we are currently present in over 800 jewelers, boutiques and prestigious department stores.

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