About Us

Carlo and Francesco Bernardi have perfected details in the making of their jewelry for over 30 years. Growing up with modest means in Veneto, Italy, the siblings toiled away for others while learning the trade until 1987 when they launched Chrysos, a house of authentic Italian gold and silver chains with global appeal. In 2008, they merged innovative techniques with a love of pure shapes and local Italian craftsmanship and Officina Bernardi was born. Created from start to finish in the same palatial compound outside of Venice, Officina Bernardi jewelry is intricately designed with unique machine-made detail and assembled by hand with care for a seamless union of modern luxury and homegrown Italian-made tradition.

The inimitable spirit and heritage of Italy, the influence of regional landmarks, such as Venetian and Palladian architecture, and the desire to express their vibrant culture through jewelry is the driving force behind Officina Bernardi. The independent, sophisticated, ambitious and continuously curious individual is whom inspires us. Timeless, stately, effortless chic, our jewelry is both aspirational and attainable.

In-house manufacturing allows us to produce more jewelry elements than any other Italian accessories line. This gives Officina Bernardi the freedom to create and update—with new products that capture moment-by-moment modernity without compromising quality and refinement. We have provided a training platform encouraging our personnel to perfect their individual crafts becoming experts in their respective operation.

Our signature is a small gold and silver bead, representative of the moon, which is integral to each design. Our Moon Bead is manufactured with high-precision etching methods, mimics the luster of diamonds and is unmatched by other brands. It is the heart of Officina Bernardi’s unique brilliance.

Officina Bernardi jewelry is sold in exclusive boutiques and luxury department stores throughout the US and Europe including our flagship store in Piazza San Marco, Venice.


Industrial techniques, Italian vision and opulent designs are the fundamentals of Officina Bernardi. The moon diamond cutting technique, perfected by the Bernardi brothers on machines they developed, is used on all precious metals. This unique machine detailing brings a three-dimensional, texture-rich feel to the gold and silver, which refracts brilliance and appears to be dancing in light. An artisanal hand-finishing process further enhances shine.

The pieces are manufactured using laser, milling, galvanization and casting processes and are Made in Italy certified. We are committed to design research, new vernaculars, and avant-garde collections where the Moon Beads are combined with natural pearls, enamels and precious stones resulting in a dazzling array of top tier materials. We consistently challenge ourselves not only to create new designs and jewelry-making techniques, but also to elevate the machines and technology itself. Fall-winter 2016 marked the debut of the men’s collection, featuring smart, masculine rings, bracelets and pendant necklaces.


Committed to innovation in design and process, Officina Bernardi creates luminous Italian made designs that combine timeless tradition with modern edge.


Officina Bernardi along with Chrysos develops its technology with respect to protecting the environment. Sustainable development is a cornerstone of the company, and is performed in accordance with the following priorities:

1) To comply with the national, European, and international legislations
2) To guarantee a healthy working environment for its employees and partners
3) To protect its territory.

In order to follow these targets, Officina Bernardi and Chrysos use environmentally friendly resources and products adhering to the ISO 14001 standards. Its managerial policies and productive processes are focused to minimize the environmental impact. Waste reduction, recycling and proper disposal are indispensible. Additionally, both brands are committed to developing in-house green awareness amongst our employees.


According to our philosophy, Officina Bernardi and Chrysos developed a specific entrepreneurial system of social responsibility. Chrysos obtained the ISO 14001 certification for its low environmental impact and the ISO 9001 quality certification. Carlo and Francesco Bernardi strive to create jewelry that is a testament to the local culture and creative tradition of Italy’s Veneto region, which they call home. They offer their support to Save the Children and other campaigns spanning social, medical and sport projects.


Customer care is an essential element of Officina Bernardi’s business. We don’t just offer assistance, but provide true support, information, and answers to our customers—distributors, retailers and consumers alike. We are globally informed and tailor our methods to suit the specific needs of each region, keeping cultural and geographical differences in mind.


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