Inventing a new beauty through the shape of light
Inventing a new beauty
through the shape of light
The Hyper-Jewelry by Officina Bernardi
Strong of the experience in the States, the Venetian atelier creates unique pieces of Hyper Jewelry with powerful messaging, setting itself apart from mass conformism with its virtuous and constant challenge to delivering the beauty of complexity through a simplicity of forms.

The name Officina Bernardi (Officina = workshop) comes from its unique ability to express and innovate the manual intellectuality of Italian goldsmith artistry into a symbiotic man-to-machine relationship. A connection where the research and development of contemporary jewelry has always been guided by a common thread around a noble esteem for light, which by means of the most sophisticated technologies has now created a new concept of beauty.
Surfaces are sculpted with diamonds and adorned by precious stones transforming the jewels into unique, exuberant and vibrant pieces of beauty: HYPER
When light meets movement, the jewel becomes true emotion.
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Impart a dynamic, spontaneous, and lively light to his creation: that's how Officina Bernardi treats the precious gold of its jewelry.
The term Hyper refers to a new state of art capable of challenging the present with the New, maintaining a continuous desire to improve, experiment and create, propelling physical material beyond all limits.
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