All our "OFFICINA BERNARDI®" jewelry, if accompanied by its relevant original Certificate of Warranty and Authenticity, is protected under the following terms and conditions (hereinafter just the "Warranty"). The term "Customer" refers to anyone who has purchased "OFFICINA BERNARDI®" brand jewelry at an authorized point of sale or on the website



The "OFFICINA BERNARDI®" brand jewelry (hereinafter, "Products") are guaranteed to be free of defects resulting from styling, quality of materials and/or workmanship (hereinafter, the "Defects"). Should the presence of Defects be ascertained in a Product and reported by the Customer according to the following instructions, Customer will have the right to have the Product repaired or, if repair is deemed impossible or exceedingly expensive, replaced. Should replacement result to be not possible (for example in the case an item should be out of production) the Product will be substituted with a comparable piece of equal or greater value. During the Warranty period, the Customer may report Defects by directly contacting the point of sale where the Product was purchased or by sending an e-mail message to In order to ascertain whether the Warranty is in force, as well as in order to detect the nature and the cause of any alleged Defect, the Customer may be asked to send photographic documentation or use videoconferencing systems. If, as in the case of any on-line purchase, a Product must be shipped to a specific destination, any related cost shall be borne by the Customer. When the presence of a Defect is positively ascertained, repair operations will be carried out in a reasonable timeframe consistently with the nature of the Defect. Moreover, in the case of replacement, the Product affected by Defects shall be retained.



The Warranty does not go into effect until the Product’s price has been paid in full, however if payment is scheduled in installments the Warranty will go into effect immediately upon purchase and will remain operative as long as payment deadlines are promptly met. The Warranty is not valid if Customer is not able to demonstrate the authenticity of the Product by providing the relevant Certificate of Warranty and Authenticity or other documentation certifying the purchase of the Product (sales receipt, invoice, etc.) issued by an authorized point of sale or released by the site



The Warranty will have a two (2) year duration from the date of purchase of the relevant Product, with the exception of any approved extension. "Date of purchase" is intended as the date indicated on the Certificate of Warranty and Authenticity or, if the case, on the sale receipt issued at the time of the purchase.



All Defects resulting from any of the following causes are excluded from the Warranty:

  • Improper care and / or negligence in the use of the Product;
  • Improper maintenance or any kind of operation executed by unauthorized personne
  • Abnormal or improper use of the Product or use of the Products in places excessively hot, cold, dusty, or aggressive due to the presence of chlorine, lacquers, varnishes, other chemicals and/or allowable toxic agents to the extent a Product is not guaranteed for resisting to such conditions;
  • Aggravation of damages caused by the use of the Product after Defects are ascertained;
  • Any event caused by unforeseen acts, such as: frost, overheating, fire, theft, natural hazards, vandalism, accidents or other similar incidents.



By filling in and submitting the form that you find on the below link (no later than 30 days from the date of the purchase of your Officina Bernardi® jewelry) you will register your purchase and activate, free of charge, supplementary 8 warranty years.


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Should our intervention be necessary during the third year of the warranty, please send your request only and exclusively at the following e-mail address . Please consider that any cost for delivering our products to the places where the repair or replacement operations will be carried out are at your expense.