Terms of payment

The following forms of payment are accepted:

  1. PayPal circuit
  2. Credit cards available on Stripe.

Beneficiary: Chrysos S.p.A. - Via Albertoni 10, 36060 Romano D’Ezzelino (VI) – Italy -

Delivery of goods and shipment expenses

Confirmed orders resulting in “Your order confirmation" section will be shipped by Express Courier (national or international) to the address indicated by the Customer. The Customer will be required to contribute to the costs, which will be shown on “Your order confirmation” section, depending on the country the order is to be sent to. As an indication, shipping costs vary according to weight / volume and have a minimum standard shipping cost of 7.00 euros within the Italian territory and 10.00 euros to other European countries.

Articles will only be shipped after total order payment has been regularly registered and confirmed.

Products shipped in Italy are delivered within approximately 2-3 working days after dispatch, the products shipped within the European Union are delivered within 3-4 working days after dispatch. Shipments are made Monday through Friday. Any variation to the above mentioned will be notified immediately by e-mail to the Customer.